skyline name badges with contour. A great way to make your logo jump out!

skyline badgepoint®
The name cards can be easily changed.
skyline name badge dimensions

The skyline range allows you to freely choose the shape of your name tags. We laser the outer contour to your exact specifications and customize it in line with your printed motif. Whether it’s a logo or an image, your required motif will appear on your skyline name tags with contoured edges in vibrant, glowing colors. You can order your custom-shaped badgepoint® name tag in quantities of 100 or more.

The contour may be fixed, but the labeling is still flexible. The cardstock name cards are inserted into the badge from the back and can be changed at any time. You can label printing sheets quickly and easily in-house using our free-of-charge templates for Microsoft® Word. The smag® duo magnet system provides a secure hold with a no-twist guarantee, so your name tag sits perfectly and your clothing remains intact.

Name badges with a silhouette: Designed with precision, right down to the last detail
  • precise laser cutting of any shape
  • variable format up to 95 x 54 mm
  • quality screen print (back-printed on acrylic glass)
  • special metallic shades possible
  • replaceable name cards for self-printing
  • with standard or extra strong smag® magnet
  • minimum order quantity just 100
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Fastening 100 or more 250 or more 500 or more 750 or more 1.000 or more
1 logo color, 1 fill color smag® standard 10,95 € 8,70 € 6,55 € 5,80 € 5,25 €
smag® extra 11,55 € 9,30 € 7,15 € 6,40 € 5,85 €
Additional print color 0,70 € 0,60 € 0,55 € 0,50 € 0,45 €

Additional production and process set-up fee 29 € for incorporation of logo and data, including layout proposals in PDF format with up to 3 proofs. Custom orders may be over- or under-delivered by 5%.

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