smag® magnetic name badges.
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Name tags with the unique smag® magnetic system offer unparalleled stability. No slipping, twisting or risk of becoming detached – your name badge always stays in the right place. You can rely on smag® whatever your area of work, allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand without having to worry. When you buy a magnetic badge, you should study the holding power and the magnetic system closely. The reason for this is that the holding strength of a magnetic badge really depends on how well the fastener is constructed.

smag® from badgepoint® is the only magnet fastening for name tags which has a duo power magnet system. By choosing this, you’re opting for 100% reliability when it comes to hold, usage and comfort.

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Very active at work? Regular daily use? Choose smag®!

Name tags with smag® withstand everything you do and stay fixed and secure in any scenario. That's why smag® is the no. 1 fastener, particularly for customers in the healthcare, nursing, catering and service sectors. A secure accessory for people who move around a lot and deal with customers direct on a daily basis.

smag® magnet standard and extra strong:
How much holding strength does my name badge need?

Make no mistake – at badgepoint®, "standard" already means 100% reliability and comfort. However, for different types of work clothing you can choose between two strengths for all magnetic name badges: smag® standard (blue) and smag® extra strong (black) with twice the magnetic power.

smag® extra strong
in black, with a holding power of up to 2 kg. For thicker, heavier fabrics and a lot of movement in everyday use.
smag® standard
in blue, with a holding power of up to 1 kg. For all normal or delicate types of fabric and a normal level of movement.

Irresistibly reliable:
Name badges with magnet can be delivered within 1-2 working days

Order your magnet name tags here, direct from our badgepoint® online store. Name tags with a magnet are available in quantities of 10 or more and can be delivered ex stock within 1-2 workings days. Choose between two different strengths of magnet fastening: standard or extra strong smag® magnet. You can also buy the counter-magnets separately in packs of 10 from our online store under Accessories and later on can swap them over on your name badges as and when you wish.

Devised by us, regularly refined and now our best seller:
smag® magnetic fastening – a badgepoint® innovation

Invented in Ahrensburg and now used all over the world. More than 20 years ago, the founders of badgepoint® started working on the idea of a unique magnet holder for name badges. Developed in close collaboration with users and experts, this innovative system has been officially patented on the grounds of its uniqueness. The principle of how the two round magnets engage with each other is quite ingenious. The shallow round bumps interlock to give a secure, rock-steady hold. Adapting the shape and design to users' needs is an ongoing process: it’s a system that keeps moving forwards and a system that keeps moving with you!
smag<sup>®</sup> standard smag<sup>®</sup> extra strong

What if a magnet is not an option?

Our proven alternatives will satisfy your purpose.

Looking for an economical and functional alternative to the magnet? Our other proven, versatile fastenings are the stainless-steel snap lock pin, clip and lanyard.

Tip: personnel who are in frequent contact with patients fitted with a pacemaker or who wear one themselves should choose a pin or clip instead of a magnet.

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Magnetic name tags with the patented smag® power magnet system are now being used by over 20 million satisfied name badge wearers worldwide. See for yourself how well they perform in practice. Explore our name badges with "Made in Germany" quality and enhance your professional appearance when dealing with business partners, customers or guests. Discover our magnetic style of badge with its strong hold by requesting a free sample so you can carry out your own real-life test for yourself.

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Here’s why customers buy name tags with magnetic fastening from badgepoint®:

  • The smag® duo power magnet system ensures a firm hold with no slipping
  • Kind to even the most delicate of fabrics
  • Extra strong hold for thicker fabrics
  • Wide range of magnetic name tags