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How to replace name cards

polar® | name badge

polar® quick-print | name badge

polar® alu-print | name badge

office classic | name badge

office quick-print | name badge

office alu-print | name badge

vista® | name badge

amigo® doming | name badge

aluline-plus® system | name badge

aluline-plus® logo-print | name badge

profil & plano | name badge

event | name badge

Print your name cards in just 3 steps

Upload your logo and names.

Select a design template or create your custom name card.

Print the printing sheet with your filled-in template.
Design online now

Remember to include suitable printing sheets when ordering
Auf Wunsch beschriftet badgepoint® und liefert Ihnen komplett fertige Schilder.

Label name cards online
Six good reasons why

  • They provide maximum flexibility.
  • You can see in real time how the typeface, font size, font color and positioning will look on the badge.
  • Easy to move, edit or delete.
  • No need for downloads or to import into a new program.
  • No misprints. The labeling sits in exactly the right position.
  • The labeling has the right proportions to make it very easy to read.
Label online now

Print templates for name cards
Free of charge for Microsoft® Word

Use our convenient, free-of-charge print templates to label your name cards yourself in Microsoft® Word. Matching printing sheets with name cards can be ordered here in our online store under Accessories.

Go to MS Word print templates
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